1. Welcome to Gerry’s world… :)

Ever since I was a teenager, growing up in the 80’s, I seemed to have a camera in my hand.  Attending many concerts at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre,sneaking my camera in was always a challenge, succeeding every time, even avoiding pat downs (by entering via a side door). Thankfully the rules today are much more relaxed & it’s pretty much accepted practice to take a camera (point & shoot).

In March 2009 I attended a day seminar for amateur photographers called UnderExposed & I was inspired by 2 of the guest speakers Daniel Boud & Tony Mott. At one point in their careers they had started out just like me,everybody has to start somewhere.

Following the seminar I purchased my 1st Professional camera a Nikon D90. This is a great camera for those starting out. The first band I shot was Melbourne band Juke Kartel www.jukekartel.com .  It only took me a month to realize I was just in love with my camera. I enjoyed going out & supporting the local music scene & capturing the moment. Over the past 12 months I’ve been introduced to some extremely talented musicians & it’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know the various bands & to be given an opportunity to do repeat shoots.

Whilst Music photography is my no.1 love, I also like to capture the moment of kids. Of course working with children can be like working with animals at times.  However they can provide you with some of the most precious moments .

Another area which I’m keen to try is model/fashion photography. I got a very brief taste of it in Febraury this year and would like to dip the toes in the water more often in this field. In particular, I’d love to assist anyone who’s looking at starting a portfolio. I’m really interested  in collaboration and keen for those people to also teach me something about this amazing industry. I see it as a win/win opportunity & I’d love to help kick start a portfolio for any aspiring male/female.

Since May 2009  I’ve had some of my photos recognized/published:

  • 2009 Brisbane Lord Mayor’s photographic awards receiving a ‘Commendation’;
  • Sydney Powerhouse Museum  ‘The 80’s Are Back”  exhibition (Supplied Pseudo Echo photos);
  • Brisbane band Highway Blonde’s   ‘Winning Ways’ album providing the photo on  inside cover;
  • Pink Floyd tribute band “Beyond The Darkside” website.   www.beyondthedarkside.com

In  March 2010 I got the opportunity to shoot UK band MUSE  in the USA. I personally approached them in Brisbane with my portfolio in January when they played the Big Day Out. I also shot 80’s icon Suzanne Vega in Virginia Beach USA, having met her in 2008.  Recently I’ve been granted permission to shoot for promoter Andrew McManus Presents in Brisbane & will be also doing shoots for LifeMusicMedia lifemusicmedia.com

I’m immensely proud of my work to date, both professionally and as a fan. I’ve had such tremendous support from the local & interstate bands plus plenty of encouragement from my many friends throughout the world. I still feel that I have so much to learn, which is a good thing. I remain inspired and very pasionate, always looking to improve. However without subject matter, I’m nothing.

I’m based in Brisbane, if you would like me to photograph your band, children or assist in building a modeling portfolio, I’d love to hear from you. I’m very approachable, extremely caring & completely honest.  Just send me an email to gerryrocks@gerryrocks.com

Dare to Dream & Rock On!

Gerry 🙂


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